Meet Our People

Our Commitment to Great Leadership

At Haren Companies, we believe that people are the most important part of our business. This refers to our team, to our clients and to the people we help in our community. Because we feel that our people are what sets our company apart, we hire experienced, skilled professionals who are always open to improvement. We believe that the right fit between our team and yours is integral to a project’s success.

Since 1932, our company has been bringing construction projects to fruition in Kansas City and the surrounding area. Haren is now in its third generation, continuing to follow the original commitment to providing quality craftsmanship along with excellent value and top customer service. We always aim to exceed the expectations of our clients.

We are experienced in providing a range of services to different types of projects that further our community and those around us. We work with multi-family, senior living, sustainability, mixed-use developments and other projects. We use our stellar skill set and commitment to core values to help our clients improve their communities for everyone.

We aim to make our community better through our projects, whether we are creating places to live, work or come together. Yet our commitment to our community goes beyond the projects we work on. We partner with numerous charitable organizations to further their missions to better life for everyone. We promote a focus on children, families and education.

Our leadership is committed to guiding our company and to responsibly shaping our community. They lead by following key principles that include collaboration and communication between each person connected to a project. Every story has a place, let us build the place in your story.

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