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Any company can offer a range of services. The difference comes down to fit. The important factor is working with the right people from start to finish on your project. At Haren Companies, we believe that every story has a place, and we hope you allow us to build the place in your story. If you like the people you meet here, you’re going to like working with us. It’s as simple as that. Let’s set up a consultation to see if our team is the right fit with yours.

Types of projects

Once we know we have the right fit, we can match you with the right services. We provide a range of services to manage your construction project. We are able to adjust our services to fit the needs of our clients, from yet-to-be-designed projects to ones that are ready to break ground. Our experienced team is able to help you with:

  • Design/build.
  • Design/assist.
  • General contracting.
  • Construction management agency.
  • Construction manager-at-risk.

Stages of a construction project

Our professional team will carry you through the preconstruction, construction and postconstruction processes. You can expect these services along the way:


  • Request for proposal response and budget creation.
  • Collaborative design and integration.
  • Select subcontractor pricing.
  • A process to evaluate, analyze and verify.
  • Value analysis and pre-negotiation.
  • A process to review pricing and value-related options.
  • Final permit drawings.
  • Final subcontractor pricing.
  • A process to review pricing and value-related options.


  • Complete oversight of the construction process, including daily monitoring by a full-time, on-site superintendent.
  • Safety procedures, including Occupational Safety and Health Administration training, daily site safety inspections, weekly on-site training and monthly meetings.
  • Communication standards with owners, subcontractors and suppliers.


  • Final inspections.
  • Occupancy permit.
  • Training coordination with your staff.
  • Punch list completion.
  • Move-in coordination.
  • Project closeout.
  • Warranty information.
  • One-year walkthrough.

Our team also offers a variety of self-perform capabilities in the form of skilled trades. Our many offerings include demolition, carpentry, flooring, window installation and more.

Contact us about your construction project. We can discuss how we can assist you and see if our team is the right fit with yours.