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Your Haren team’s top priority on the jobsite is a safe construction environment. The Haren Companies program ensures all staff are regularly trained in all areas of construction safety. From fall protection to trenching safety to excavation and all areas in between, your Haren team is primed to make any jobsite a safe place to work.


Every day at Haren Companies our goal is zero accidents. Developing a site-specific safety plans for every project, pro-actively identifying potential hazards and consistent safety training are all key facets of our safety program.
Our commitment to safety is to meet and often exceed the highest level of safety standard. Our commitment to safety begins with our leadership, who espouse the values of safety and live by the mantra “everyone ends the day safe and healthy”.

Your project is in the hands of construction professionals, who value safety above all else. Your Haren team will promote health and safety for everyone involved in the project by conducting safety inspections in all work areas.


Haren Companies are researching and advising project teams of the latest trends in construction safety. Every Haren project has a comprehensive safety plan developed for that specific work site. From first aid to crisis management, Haren has carefully through every safety scenario before it happens.

Haren’s safety program ensures our field staff are regularly training in a variety of subjects, from company-wide safety meetings to jobsite huddles, including OSHA awareness, first aid/CPR, fall protection, confined space, excavation, and handling hazardous material.

Safety Committee

Haren’s Internal Safety Committee is made up of employees from all departments to promote health and safety for everyone involved in the projects by conducting regular safety inspections of all projects as well as researching, advising project teams, & implementing the latest technology in construction safety.

Build Safe Partnership Program (BSPP)

With the common goal to eliminate serious hazards on the job site, Haren is proud to partner with our area OSHA offices and The Builders Association to improve the safety and wellness of the construction workforce. To be eligible for the partnership, OSHA and The Builders Association evaluates critical elements of our management system, employee involvement, hazard analysis and prevention, safety and health training, and compliance record. The partnership is renewed, and a new evaluation happens each year. Contractors who meet the requirements may receive no penalties for other-than-serious violations from OSHA, incentives from insurance, and special recognition by The Builders Association. One of the core benefits of the BSPP is to develop employers’ safety and health systems for others to emulate and provide mentoring services to companies building structured programs.

Haren is proud to work with our owners, design teams, and our trade partners to ensure every project is safe and successful for everyone involved.