Est. 1932

Every story has a place, let us build the place in your story.

Contracting Services

Haren Contracting specializes in municipal and senior living projects, with a skilled professional team.

Construction Services

HarenLaughlin has been improving Kansas City through construction projects since 1932, specializing in multi-family.

Restoration Services

HL Restoration provides professionals with the proper skills needed to clean up and repair damage to commercial property.
TruePlane Concrete


TruePlane Concrete services the Kansas City area with high quality commercial concrete.


Every story has a place — let us build the place in your story. At Haren Companies, we have a thorough process to turn plans into reality based on our expertise and experience in the field. Pre-construction is an integral part of every construction project we undertake, as it helps ensure that the entire project will be as seamless and budget-friendly as possible.

Project Management

Your Haren team will offer insight uncolored by conflicting interests, allowing us to professionally manage your construction project. This yields the greatest possible return on your construction investment. Communication is integral in a successful project.


In almost every project, self-performing certain scopes of work can benefit the project. More importantly, self-perform capabilities add value to all clients. Haren Companies has utilized self-perform crews on the Mahaffie Farmstead, The District at City Center, on multiple projects with the City of Olathe, and many of our larger projects. Click to learn more about your Haren team’s abilities.

Delivery Methods

Your project’s delivery method will be tailored to your project. When you partner with your Haren team, you receive a breadth of perception and immeasurable support for your construction project. Working with our team, they will display the technical ability to facilitate creative, functional, and cost-effective solutions for every scenario.

Property Damage Restoration

When disaster strikes, your HL Restoration team will help create organization from the chaos that occurs in your space. As a comprehensive single-source contractor, your HL Restoration team will manage all phases of your disaster recovery – from emergency response and initial cleanup to innovative restoration and final inspection.

Building Kansas City Since 1932.

Why People Choose Haren

Every story has a place — let us build the place in your story. As a general contractor in Kansas City, we believe in improving our community through our projects. We recognize that people are the key to helping us achieve this goal. We better Kansas City and surrounding communities with the help of the people on our team and the clients we partner with.

At Haren Companies, we can provide you with a range of services in construction and commercial property restoration to fit your needs.

Contact us about your project, and we can match you with the right skilled team to fit the job.