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Mixed-Use Development Projects

We partner with our clients to create a community environment that is functional, distinctive, aesthetically pleasing and progressive. Our development approach to mixed-use facilities is multi-faceted and focused on the benefits of a successful mixed-use development.

New Construction
Our crews are building some of the most exciting new mixed-use facilities in our region. More than apartment homes, these communities offer the highest levels of amenities and resort-style finishes for upscale living, along with commercial and retail spaces as well. From downtown mixed-use developments to suburban locations, HarenLaughlin has been a part of projects that are vertical and horizontal mixed-use layouts.

222 Waldo Flats

222 Waldo Flats

222 Waldo Flats is a mixed-use development featuring 44 apartments and approximately 6400Sf of retail and commercial space. Pre-construction began in May of 2020. After 2 months of budgeting and value engineering, Haren broke ground in July of 2020. The project was completed in July of 2021.

District at City Center

The District at City Center is a mixed-use development that features two four-story metal framed buildings with 175 apartment units. There will also be two four-story and one five-story steel framed office buildings. The first floor will have retail areas under the office buildings and under portions of the apartment structures. There will also be two precast parking structures with 476 total stalls.
District at City Center

Domain at City Center

Domain at City Center contains 200 units within a four-story split building. The project totals 256,367 square feet of luxury apartments and retail space. The building includes 16 different floor plans, ranging from one-, two- and three-bedroom units. Domain at City Center consists of a five-level parking structure with 304 stalls.

InterUrban Lofts

InterUrban Lofts includes 41 apartments over 60,506 square feet within a four-story building in the Historic Downtown District of Overland Park. This project is podium construction creating the underground parking garage of 53 stalls. The construction includes a stormwater detention system beneath the garage. HarenLaughlin installed high-end features including granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

Avenue 80

Avenue 80 is a mixed-use project comprised of 218 luxury apartments and totaling 273,483 square feet of apartments, office and retail space. Located in the heart of Overland Park, KS, Avenue 80 is the first project to be constructed as part of the new “Vision Metcalf Plan,” crafted by the city to encourage redevelopment of the area. This project is podium construction and the garage is a pre-cast structure.