Every story has a place — let us build the place in your story. At Haren Companies, we have a thorough process to turn plans into reality based on our expertise and experience in the field. Pre-construction is an integral part of every construction project we undertake, as it helps ensure that the entire project will be as seamless and budget-friendly as possible.

Our team is able to adapt to the needs of each client and meet you where you are in the construction process. At the same time, we recommend that we get involved in the pre-construction process. The earlier that your Haren team is involved in your project, the more cost savings we can achieve with your project. Also, proper planning can help the entire project go more smoothly through our commitment to collaboration, organization and effective communication.

Our Pre-Construction Services

At Haren, pre-construction planning is an extensive process, including a thorough review of design documents. Your Haren team routinely streamlines schedules and procedures to ensure that you receive the finest quality at the most competitive price. From the inception of your project, your Haren team will work to ensure the most value for your dollar.

We have an extensive pre-construction procedure that takes you through many steps before moving forward with construction. We believe that it’s worth taking the time for every step because it will make the entire project run more efficiently. We start with RFP response and budget creation and move to collaborative design and integration. Then, we review “select” subcontractor pricing before we evaluate, analyze and verify. Next, we perform a value analysis and pre-negotiation, and we review pricing and value-related options. Then, we go over final permit drawings and “final” subcontractor pricing. Finally, we again review pricing and value-related options.

Contact us to discuss your project. If we’re the right fit, we can move forward together with the pre-construction phase.