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Lindsey Aston

Lindsey Aston

Marketing Manager

Email: lmilligan@harencompanies.com


Lindsey Aston is the Marketing Manager with Haren Companies. With a knack in A/E/C marketing, Lindsey collaborates closely with colleagues to craft targeted marketing strategies. Her industry knowledge plays a pivotal role in effectively positioning Haren Companies. She conducts ongoing market research, enabling the firm to adapt to industry trends and stay on top of shifts in the market. Lindsey’s dedication and strategic ability are key drivers in enhancing Haren Companies’ market presence.

Lindsey’s contributions involve incorporating fresh concepts and procedures to uphold the company’s sense of mission and clear vision. This vision serves as her compass, motivating her to question assumptions, nurture curiosity, explore avenues for advancement, demonstrate resilience in the face of challenges, and adapt to evolving business landscapes.