Delivery Methods

At Haren Companies, we understand that each situation is unique. We account for that by providing a variety of delivery methods and adjusting each method to fit the needs of your team and project. We determine your needs in the beginning and create a customized plan from there.

Through the three branches of our company, we are able to provide the right team and services to fit your needs. You will work with a qualified team that is capable of bringing your specific project to life, whether it’s currently in the designing stage or you’re ready to break ground.

We will provide your project with the support of skilled, experienced professionals. When you partner with Haren, you gain the guidance and experience our tenure has provided us. Regardless of the type of service you need, our professional team can come up with creative, functional and cost-effective methods to achieve it. Every story has a place. Let us build the place in your story.


As your design builder, we use a streamlined process that makes even the most complex projects simpler and more cost-effective. We achieve this through a single point of responsibility that puts a focus on design, construction, communication management and maximizing resources together into one contract. We are responsible for the plan and design, as well as for achieving results to the deadline and within budget.


If you choose to have us design and assist with your construction project, we will work with your architect. From the beginning, our team works to create a strong connection between your architect and other important parts of the project. By establishing strong connections early in the design phase, we find ways to streamline the process and bring you cost savings. We use our expertise in design assistance, planning costs, and project needs to eliminate time lags and keep the project going smoothly.

General Contracting

At Haren Companies, we bring a wealth of general contracting experience to your team to ensure that your project sticks to its timeline and budget. We use our expertise to adapt to different needs within commercial construction. You can rely on our guidance and a range of general contracting services to fit the specifics of your project.

Construction Management

We have the capability to serve as your project construction manager from start to finish. Our services include supervising the project and keeping relationships strong between everyone involved in the process. We follow your needs and interests while providing the support of our expertise in commercial construction.

CM Agency: When we act as your construction manager, we act in your interest while creating strong communication and cooperation between the project owner and subcontractors. Through this process, we help the project become as streamlined as possible.

CM-At-Risk: We are able to act as your construction manager-at-risk to consult through development and design of the project. Within this role, we manage subcontractors, costs and timelines without conflicting interests. This allows us to provide the best results in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Contact us at Haren Companies to discuss your project and find the right fit from our delivery method choices.