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At Haren Companies, we take steps to employ and properly train the best tradespeople in Kansas City and the surrounding areas. In addition to our design and construction management services, we are able to provide these tradespeople as part of our top-notch services. Their trade-specific experience leads to the successful completion of all projects.

Trades Performed

At Haren Companies, we offer a talented team of craftspeople that can be called upon for a range of small projects throughout a construction project. Our team of carpenters, drywallers, painters, and concrete finishers will be able to complete your project with a high-quality and efficient degree of work. They provide an excellent level of service and craftsmanship to hold the project to the highest quality standards.

Haren offers the following In-House trades:

  • Interior/Structural Demolition
  • Framing
  • Drywall
  • Acoustic Ceilings
  • Concrete
  • Paint
  • Cabinetry
  • Trim
  • Doors, Frames, and Hardware
  • Bath Accessories and Finishes
  • Flooring

Your Haren team is always looking for ways to find money savings by examining your biddable documents to make each project run as smoothly as possible. Through the use of our skilled tradespeople, we are able to help you cut costs and use time more efficiently. Ask us how we can utilize our self-perform trades during the course of your project.

What is a Self-Perform Contractor?

Self-perform contractors can offer distinct advantages over a construction manager or a general contractor. By utilizing our network of qualified tradespeople to self-perform their trades, your Haren team is able to make the entire project run more efficiently. This helps to guarantee top-quality work while sticking to a set timeline and budget. Having a team of skilled tradespeople also allows Haren to provide services for smaller jobs as well.

We believe that every story has a place, and we aspire to build the place in your story. Using self-perform trades is one of the ways we help you quickly and efficiently see your construction vision come to life to improve the community around you. We believe in connecting the right people for superior collaboration, and we can match your team with the right skilled laborers and construction managers to fit the specific needs of your project.

Advantages of using a self-perform General Contractor

Time Savings

Efficient scheduling is a large part of what makes a self-performing general contractor a benefit. Dependable schedules are a luxury in construction. Haren’s team of skilled tradesmen can complete the original scope of work or their availability can be used as a last-resort option to supplement a subcontractor’s workforce keeping the project on time. Many project costs overruns are due to the construction not finishing on time. Haren’s self-perform team will keep your project on time.

Save Cost

Staying on time is a great way to save on job costs. Haren’s experienced self perform team has the knowledge to utilize alternative solutions and material options to help keep your next project on or under budget. While market fluctuations of construction costs will always be present, the Haren team’s ability to use our own forces can help weather the storm of cost movement. The self-perform team will only propose viable material alternatives. If it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t get presented.

Quality Control

Our talented team of craft workers is always ready to research a variety of materials when performing constructability reviews of the architects’ plans. Our efficient methods can help any project be completed with excellent quality and the best value. Again more Haren personnel on the site offers the Superintendent the chance to better supervise the subcontractors results.

Enhanced Safety

By utilizing the Haren self-perform team, all of our project sites have improved safety. All of our tradespeople are OSHA certified and follow our rigorous safety standards. Haren’s in-house safety department is focused our everyone’s safety on site. Having more Haren staff there offers the Superintendent more eyes to help correct risky behaviors of any subcontractors. This safety focus means fewer time-lost incidents and projects completed regularly on time.

Construction Services Agreement

Your Haren team has agreements in place with several local municipalities and companies with large facilities to provide construction services on an on-call basis. The team uses this approach for smaller projects that require an accelerated schedule.

These agreements are reached with an agreed-upon set of rates and terms that are locked in for the duration of the agreement. Once the agreement is signed, your Haren team will estimate the work and establish a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for the work to be completed.

Once approved your Haren team springs into action. Our crews and labor force work with a focus on safety, quality, and completing the job on time. Haren tracks the cost and only bills for what the project spends. Any cost savings are returned to the owner.

Once a project is completed, let your Haren team know what your next project is and they start it over again. The rates of the agreement are fixed and will help your team to budget for future facility needs. This process allowed the City of Olathe to rectify a 15-year backlog of work and projects in only two years.

The Haren Process

Service Agreement Infographic

In-House Trades Successes

Garney Construction World Headquarters

The Haren In-House Trades team used accurate budget information to microfocus on our own work and labor on this existing building renovation. Haren craftspeople completed the demolition of the existing space, framed walls, drywall, painted walls, installed cabinets, and millwork. This was a large crew of the self-perform team and performed multiple large scales of work on this project.

John Knox Village – Apartment Combination

After evaluating that their potential residents did not have the same motivation for single-bedroom apartments as they would for a two-bedroom apartment, John Knox Village approached Haren to combine six of their one-bedroom apartments into three two-bedroom apartments. These combined apartments have a better quality of life and provided a greater incentive for potential residents. The Haren crews performed demolition of the three shared walls. The key challenge of this project was working in an occupied space. Haren skilled craftspeople self-performed much of the work on this project. The greatest efficiency was found in the framing and drywall scopes. The Haren crews were well suited for framing small-scale wood and metal stud framing projects. For example, our crews removed a unit separation wall creating one large two-bedroom unit. The project required the execution of numerous small details including adding plywood to existing interior walls to create new shear walls, adding blocking in bathroom walls. Our individual project teams are well suited to perform multiple tasks, the framing crew was able to hang drywall and move through the finishes of the project. A flexible and highly skilled crew can perform multiple trades, reduced the number of “handoffs” between trade partners and suppliers.

Monogram Building

This historic renovation turned a building that was constructed in 1925 into a two-story retail space, some individual retail spaces, and a six-unit micro-hotel. The Haren team worked with old materials throughout this project. Reusing doors and other historic elements with unique details. The self-perform team used their knowledge of historic materials and methods to turn a much older building into a modern functioning facility.