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About this Renovation

Client: Brookdale Senior Living
Architect: PGAV
Category: Renovation/Senior Living
Square Footage: 9,880 SF
Schedule: 4 months estimated / 3 months to completion
Completion Date: August 2019

In 2010, Haren along with the architecture firm PGAV, completed construction of Brookdale Overland Park, a 119,000 SF CCRC. After ten years of consistent senior care, the corporate team at Brookdale Senior Living, again working with PGAV, reached out to complete a renovation of a skilled nursing wing in the Brookdale Overland Park community.

Senior Living is a competitive space, not just for the general contractor, but for senior care communities as well. The Haren team focused on a competitive schedule and a strict budget to help Brookdale convert a wing of the existing community from skilled care to memory care. These apartment style memory care units will be more in demand in the coming years. Allocating funds to these types of asset management projects helps the community to have a fresh look while meeting the needs of an aging demographic.

The Haren team converted 25 beds of skilled nursing care into 19 memory care apartment-styled units. Also added to the new memory care wing was a solace room, a serenity room, cabinets for storing medical care electronic charts, and locking doors at every exit. The senior living units received fresh coats of paint, new base trim, and new vinyl flooring.

Modifications to the common areas include updated light fixtures to achieve appropriate lighting levels for memory care, new paint, & carpet/flooring throughout the wing. Additional improvements include custom wall cabinets to conceal nurse charts and HVAC controls and structural modifications to allow for more open gathering spaces. Utilizing Haren’s skilled trades team allowed the project to control the quality and schedule of the project.

The relationship between the Haren team and Brookdale is built on trust and the ability to deliver what is promised. As the Haren team worked through this project and found cost savings in various scopes of work, that money was added to the contingency fund, and at the end of the project those savings were returned Brookdale for additional improvements to the community.

The Haren & PGAV team understand what is important to the Brookdale OP community and applied that understanding when approaching construction projects in any occupied community. Working in an occupied community, the Haren Companies superintendent, Brian Powell, prioritized the needs of the community while still moving the project forward. Our philosophy during this type of project is to minimize disruption to the care givers and residence. The Haren skilled trades craftsmen value courtesy, cleanliness and safety when working in occupied areas of the community.

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