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About this Project

Client: City of Olathe, Kansas
Architect: Haren
Location: Olathe, Kansas

In 2018, the City of Olathe entered into a Service Agreement with Haren Companies. The rates of the work are predetermined and locked in for the term of the agreement. This agreement allowed the City of Olathe to rectify 15 years’ worth of facility renovations and updates in two years’ time. The City of Olathe has extended the original agreement for an additional two years.

Haren completed many renovations throughout the City of Olathe. The Mahaffie Farmstead had the front and rear porches renovated on the 164-year-old building. The Haren self-perform tradesmen removed the dilapidated two-level front porch and the rear wrapped-around porch. Frame boards were replaced on the front and the back with new decking applied to the front and rear. The front porch also received a new roof on the upstairs portion of the porch. The Haren tradesmen duplicated the original design of the unique frame rails.

The Emergency Operations Center is located in the lower levels of City Hall. The Haren tradesmen created a new office space with a window. The team also created soffits to house video projectors that display all of the information that city officials would want to see during an emergency situation.

The City also had Haren complete renovations to many of the fire stations throughout Olathe. The renovations included updating the vehicle exhaust systems to remove carcinogens from the apparatus bays. The City also updated its bunk rooms in the fire stations. Rooms that used to house multiple first responders in a single space were divided to create individual bunk rooms to better protect the first responders from the risks of COVID-19.

Haren has completed numerous renovations to administrative space in the Fire Admin Building and in City Hall. Your Haren team is always aware when working in occupied spaces and strives to deliver the best quality results while maintaining a workable environment for the city employees.


“I just wanted to drop a quick note and express staff’s appreciation for the collaborative approach the contractor has used in the work performed on the Chestnut Conference Room. They have been very considerate of staff working close to the construction area with notifying them of potential loud noises and the disruption to the work area has been minimal. Our team appreciates their professionalism and accommodation to minimizing the impact on their ability to continue working during the construction.”
-Dianna Wright, Director of Resource Management
City of Olathe

Olathe North High School - 1958
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