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About this Project

Category: Multi-Family
Location: Overland Park, KS
Client: Price Brothers
Architect: BGO Architects
Estimated Completion: Spring 2020

The construction of the Bluhawk Apartments is currently underway in south Overland Park, Kansas. The multi-family apartment complex is eight buildings containing 201 apartments. The units are laid out in one-, two-, and three-bedroom floor plans.

Each building in the Bluehawk complex will contain garaged parking and open space parking. The construction is stick frame. Interior finishes include granite countertops. A basketball court will be featured on the property. The entire complex is located close to a full-service hospital, a grocery store, and many shops and restaurants.

The construction site is located on an area containing solid layers of limestone. Mass blasting has occurred across a majority of the site.

Bluhawk Apartments
Bluhawk Apartments Kitchen
Bluhawk Apartments - Bathroom
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