Property Damage Restoration

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Property damage strikes unexpectedly and throws a wrench in your business or home running properly. Contact us at HL Restoration to put your commercial or residential property back in working order as quickly as possible.

When you contact us, we immediately send a team of professionals who are committed to doing the job right and satisfying each customer. We respond to different types of damage with absolute professionalism. Our team can be dispatched 24/7 to clean up and repair property damage in Kansas City and the surrounding areas.

Water mitigation

At HL Restoration, we are ready to immediately respond to emergency water damage around the clock. When you’re facing water damage to your commercial property, you can rely on our team of water mitigation professionals who are trained and certified to the highest industry standards. We will meet the needs of the situation to restore your property to its normal state.

Construction defect

You may be experiencing property damage due to poor planning, workmanship, design or materials. In this type of situation, you can rely on HL Restoration as an industry leader in delivering the highest quality property restorations. We bring to you our expertise as the winner of the National Restoration Association annual award for a construction defect project. On top of providing our excellent level of restoration service, we aim to help you reduce costs by accounting for contingencies with the help of engineers, consultants, and attorneys.

Storm damage restoration

Severe weather damage can greatly interfere with the normal functioning of your home or business. Our team at HL Restoration is specialized in handling this kind of damage in an efficient and safe manner, so you can go back to life before the storm. We are trained and experienced in bringing a property back to pre-loss condition through specialized emergency cleanup and restoration services. Our team works quickly can handle any size loss and will work with your insurer to determine coverage.

Biohazard cleanup

It’s important to manage biohazard cleanup as quickly and safely as possible to prevent health dangers from exposure to biological and chemical contaminants. At HL Restoration, we take biohazard situations seriously. We respond 24/7 to manage unhealthy and dangerous environments by providing sanitation services, sewage cleanup, hoarder cleanup, and other biohazard services. Our team does the job right through training in all biohazard waste disposal.

Contact us about your property restoration needs, and we will respond immediately with expert service any time of day or night.