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About this Project

Location: Lee’s Summit, Missouri
Client: John Knox Village
Architect: SFCS
Square Footage: 19,920 sq. ft.
Completion: 2020

Haren worked with John Knox Village to complete the construction of Village Assisted Living (VAL  400). This ground-up construction project began with the demolition of an outdated two-story facility. The Haren team built a single-story assisted living facility that features 25 units and a large common area.

The new bathrooms feature roll-in showers. The showers are equipped with linear drains and a smooth transition from the vinyl floor covering to the drain and the shower pan. Block-outs were made in the concrete slab to allow the shower pan to sit below the floor level. The showers function well and it is easy for a person with mobility restrictions to enter and exit the shower. The innovative detail eliminates the collapsible shower dams that often fail on accessible showers.

Additional grab bars were installed in the shower stalls to make accessibility to the shower seat more convenient for the resident. The additional grab bars are above and beyond current ADA requirements. The shower valves are also installed so that they can be operated from the fold-down shower seat.

The corridors feature a lean rail. This rail extends 4 inches from the wall to give residents a better platform to steady themselves or lean on. The custom lean rails were prefabricated offsite by Haren carpenters. Lever-style door hardware is also installed and can be operated with a variety of grip positions.

The VAL project experienced setbacks to the schedule with the over-enthusiastic winter weather at the beginning of 2019. In spite of poor weather, Haren was able to advance the schedule by pre-framing walls at a separate location on the John Knox Village campus. When it was time, the walls were transported to the site and immediately erected into place.

Village Assisted Living is open and residents have moved in.

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