Lenexa Fire Station No.5

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About this Project

Client: City of Lenexa
Architect: WSKF Architects
Location: Lenexa, Kansas
Size: 8,500 square feet

This is the first LEED-certified building for the City of Lenexa. This new construction fire station is LEED Silver and features two drive-through apparatus bays. The bays are warmed by radiant heat. Green features include a green roof, pervious concrete parking lot, bamboo cabinets, a rain garden, and a ground source heat pump. An underground cistern is on-site and filled by stormwater runoff. The water captured is used for training and testing fire truck pumps and recycled back into the system.

Construction of this fire station was awarded to a larger local construction manager. The LEED certification process made the budget restrictive, and the CM was not able to get their construction cost into the available budget. The city approached Haren, and the pre-construction team was able to use value engineering and adjust certain materials that would still achieve LEED status but lower the overall cost to fit into the City’s budget requirements. One example of these adjustments was the insulation rating that was required for the exterior walls. Previously the design had called for 10-inch studs to allow enough room for insulation. The Haren team utilized a material that was normally designed for roofing that contained an insulation element. The new material, plus some wall insulation, allowed the team to use smaller studs in the construction with traditional insulation to achieve the same insulation rating, but for a much lower cost.


“I was particularly impressed with their ability to adjust to changing conditions in a way that was professional, yet with a healthy dose of common sense. They were the main reason the project came in on time and under budget.”
-J. Scott Parker,
City of Lenexa

Lenexa Fire Station 5
Inside Lenexa Fire Station #5
Kitchen at Lenexa Fire Station #5
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