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About this Project

Category: Historic Renovation
Location: Kansas City, MO
Client: Sight Realty

The Monogram Building is a mixed-use historic renovation project that features two, two-story masonry buildings. The north building is a two-story retail space. The south two-story building consists of four separate retail tenant spaces on the ground floor and an eight-unit micro hotel with an indoor lounge and outdoor roof-top deck. Construction began in August of 2019 and completed in July of 2020.

The project enhanced existing retail spaces as well as created an additional 13,424 square feet of new retail space and 4,937 square feet of boutique hotel space to bring enhanced consumer growth to the Crossroads District. All while retaining the essence of the historical structure and saving it from falling further into disrepair.

The original fire doors for the film storage areas were retained and reused throughout the project. Original office doors and transoms were salvaged and reused throughout the project. The original wood flooring was uncovered, repaired, and re-finished throughout. The original brick exterior walls and original wood structure was uncovered, restored, and finished exposed. Each tenant space along with each individual hotel space had their own unique style and finishes.

Monogram Building
Monogram Building
Monogram Building
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